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June 19, 2006

When it comes to designing and constructing parking structures, the Anaheim Hills-based company is king of the concrete business.

Established 36 years ago in Anaheim, Bomel Construction Co. is one of the largest concrete contractors in the United States.

Now based in Anaheim Hills, Bomel Construction is a family run, $300 million business with more than 525 dedicated employees working throughout the Southwest. From Brea to Mission Viejo, Huntington Beach to Fullerton, Bomel Construction has built more parking structures in Orange County in the last 10 years than any other single contractor. “No other contractor comes close to us in terms of depth of experience and amount of equipment when it comes to designing and building parking structures,” said Derral McGinnis, Bomel’s business development and pre-construction manager.

Bomel has successfully completed hundreds of high-profile projects throughout Orange County and the Southwest, including parking structures and structural concrete work for office buildings, college/university buildings, casinos, hotels and stadiums. Bomel has completed two projects for the Nexus Companies; the most recent one was a two-level subterranean parking structure for the Twin Towers office complex in Santa Ana, which opened in 2001. “The entire group of people are very trustworthy and live up to their word,” said Curt Olson, chairman of the Nexus Companies in Santa Ana. “They deliver a quality product. I would use the word ‘integrity’ when I think of Bomel.”

In April, Bomel completed a 1,513-space, design/build parking garage for California State University, Fullerton that has earned high praise. “Bomel delivered the parking structure at a really sharp price and they delivered it to us almost a month and a half early,” said Michael Smith, the university’s director of design and construction. Smith, who has been the director for 14 years, said the six-level, $20 million project was executed in stellar fashion. “This is the smoothest project that I have ever run out of this office,” he said. “Absolutely no problems. Bomel did everything. They did it on time; they did it on budget; and the level of craftsmanship was excellent. We’re very impressed.” Bomel now is working with Cal State Fullerton on plans for a third parking structure.

In Huntington Beach, Bomel received compliments from the owner for the early completion of a seven-level, 1,700-space parking structure at the Bella Terra shopping center. “They did a great job,” said Jim Mosier, project manager for developer J.H. Snyder. “Everything was communicated well.” Mosier said Bomel and J.H. Snyder are now working on another project due to Bomel’s outstanding performance at Bella Terra last year.

Elsewhere in Orange County, Bomel is coming out of the ground on the second parking structure to be built at Park Place in Irvine. The seven-level, 2,765-space structure is for developer McGuire Properties. Farther south, Bomel recently completed the Irvine Spectrum’s second parking structure, a six-level, 2,545-space, design/build garage for the Irvine Co. The contractor also built the Spectrum’s first garage, a 1,042-space garage, two years ago. In the City of Orange, Bomel has built two parking structures for Chapman University and is nearing completion on a design/build underground garage with 900 spaces that will be topped by a multipurpose athletic field. One of the most difficult aspects about the $21.6 million project was minimizing disruption to surrounding residents. During the 25-ft. excavation phase, which lasted nearly three months, 10,000 truck trips were necessary to haul away earth from the site. As with most of its projects, Bomel will finish this one early. “They’re easily running over a month ahead of schedule,” said Kris Olsen, Associate Vice President of Campus Facilities and Planning Management at Chapman. “The goals that we have set for this project have been met or exceeded,” he added. “This project has been charmed, so to speak. It has had very few issues compared to a typical large construction project.” When it comes to designing and constructing parking structures, the Anaheim Hills-based company is king of the concrete business.

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