CSU Fullerton Parking Structure #4 Completed by Bomel Construction

FULLERTON, Calif., Sept. 1, 2010

California State University opens third parking structure on Fullerton campus; $20-million facility
was built by Bomel Construction Co., the largest concrete contractor in California

The big new parking garage on the campus of California State University, Fullerton, has 1,500 stalls, a sweeping six-story spiral staircase, LED lighting to reduce energy costs and one happy owner.

“This is exactly what we expected,” says Steve Halcum, the university’s project manager. “Every project has its share of issues, but from the bidding process through the end of construction, the design-build general contractor, Bomel Construction, always listened to us and we always came to an agreement. That was great.”

In addition to erecting and assisting project architect International Parking Design with the design of the six-level garage, Anaheim Hills, Calif.-based Bomel was in charge of re-routing one of the major streets on campus.
“Folino Drive, which is a major traffic artery through the campus, was relocated to wrap around the south and east sides of the parking structure in order to mitigate congestion during construction,” says Kasey Shay, Bomel’s project manger.

The cast-in-place concrete parking facility also features a parking information center, where patrons can get campus directions and purchase parking passes. The center is near a pedestrian plaza with outdoor seating for students, visitors, staff and faculty.

“We also prepared part of the roof level to support photovoltaic (solar energy) panels when the university installs them at a later date,” Shay says. “The LED lighting system throughout the structure and in the adjacent plaza initially costs more than fluorescent systems but will conserve energy and save the university a substantial amount of money in the long term.”

The 535,000-square-foot parking structure cost $20 million to construct. It is adjacent to the Steven H. Mihaylo Hall, the largest classroom building on campus, and readily visible from State Route 57, a major north-south freeway in Orange County.

Shay calls the concrete spiral staircase––a rarity in the design of parking structures––beautiful. “It’s an open-air staircase, which allows interesting views into the west part of campus from the structure’s upper levels.”
Bomel, recently ranked by McGraw-Hill Construction as the largest concrete contractor in California, built another 1,500-stall design-build garage on campus about five years ago. Two more garages are planned to further reduce the need for parking on surrounding city streets.

As he moves on to other capital improvement projects on campus, Halcum remains extremely pleased with his school’s newest parking structure.

“Bomel hit a home run. “They gave us exactly what we wanted at a fantastic price.”

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