Bomel Construction three level parking structure for Hoag Health Center

February 2009

Bomel Construction completes three-level parking structure ahead of schedule for Hoag Health Center in Newport Beach

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., February 16––––Hoag Health Center has opened a new parking structure on its three-building campus.

Anaheim Hills, Calif.-based Bomel Construction Co., one of the largest concrete contractors in the United States, completed the three-level, 766-space parking structure about a month ahead of schedule.

“Bomel did a fantastic job and we’d use them in the future,” said Randy French, project manager with Hoag Health Center. “They did a fabulous job meeting both the city’s needs and our expectations of what we envision for this campus.

The early completion enabled Hoag to get a faster jump on major site improvements that included new landscaping around each building and re-routing utilities. Bomel played a significant role on that project.

“Bomel did a lot of the street work that went above and beyond just building the parking structure. They developed what we call Hoag Health Center Street,” French said.

The Hoag Health Center campus consists of three buildings totaling about 300,000 square feet. This is the second parking structure to be built on the campus. The first garage, which is still in service, has 1,293 spaces on four levels. Even though the campus has not reached full parking capacity, the current total of 2,059 spaces is required by the city of Newport Beach to accommodate future expansion, French said.

The new 223,423-square-foot parking structure has extensive architectural features. The south side has a wire-mesh panel above the entrance/exit. There are cantilevered steel-tube trellises at the second-floor level and on the roof and flying concrete beams at the corners of the roof. A tinted-glass curtain wall encloses the stairs and elevators. A screen with an intricate architectural panel covers the west side.

“In addition to coordinating the many architectural elements on the exterior, we also coordinated the installation of utilities for the parking structure, all existing office buildings and a café that will be part of a building yet to be constructed,” said Kasey Shay, project manager for Bomel Construction.

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